Recording Studio

Roots Over Rock Recording studio

studio setup

 Live Room

Everyone who comes into the studio comments on how nice the feel of the room is. It’s a comfortable and inspiring place to work for musicians. It measures in at 9 metres by 5.5 metres with a corner chopped off and a pitched ceiling. The lack of parallel surfaces and sheer size of the room make for great acoustics, a very warm and clear sound. We have portable acoustic gobo’s, so the sound of the room is flexible and can be tailored to suit the particular needs of  your project. It can easily accommodate large ensembles such as a Jazz Big Band or a Choir. There is also an isolation booth alongside the room to give extra separation if required.

Control Room

At the heart of the control room and the whole studio is the 16 channel Amek BC2 mixing console, the desk has classic British EQ and mic pre-amps to give a warm, full sounding recording. Again, the design of the room was carefully thought out to achieve the best possible acoustics for the given space. It’s fully treated and allows us to hear exactly whats going on in the live room. The monitoring is provided with Adam A7x nearfield speakers and Yamaha HS50′s. We use a Mac and Logic Pro for recording, production and mixing.

To book a session or chat to us about your project, please call…

Jack – 07872 587893  or  Steve  -  07743 677383