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Guitar Lessons at ROR Studio

guitar lessons

Guitar and music production lessons are available at the studio. All styles and abilities catered for. Lessons are taught by Jack, with over 15 years playing experience and 5 years teaching experience. He studied  at the London Centre of Contemporary Music with great tutors such as Ed Speight, Blake Wilner and Richie Stevens to name a few,  and graduated with a BMUS in Music Performance and Production. ( )


Group lessons (2 to 6 people) – £15 for a one hour lesson

One to One tuition -  £15  for 30 minutes / £25 for a 1 hour lesson

 We offer discount for block bookings – please enquire

For all enquiries please email: or call Jack on 07872 587893

You can also book your lessons directly and pay online on our booking page


How do the lessons work?

Students come to the studio and learn at their own pace. As most of your progression will take place at home when practicing between lessons, we like to make sure you have the best possible material to take away. So the music can either be written out as notes on the stave or simplified for those who don’t want to read music. We can also record parts of the lesson and email them to the student at the end of each session so you don’t forget what we did during your time at the studio if the written music doesn’t make sense when you get home.

Lessons are tailor made to each individual students needs. Students can work towards qualifications such as the internationally recognised ‘Rockschool’ exams and assessments for Higher education facilities. Or just learn to play your favourite songs with arrangements designed in the lessons to suit the students ability.

Make your own record as you learn!

As the guitar lessons are taught out of a recording studio, we offer our students the option to take something away from the lessons. You choose  a song which you would like to cover and we will work towards making a recording of that song with the student playing. Typically taking 20 mins at the end of each 1 hour lesson to record a part which we will build upon over the course of the lessons by layering up guitars parts tailor made to the students style and ability. We can also program or record drums and bass as a backing and if you like to sing then we will record the vocals too. Once finished we can burn onto cd and organise artwork if required.

Production Lessons

Learn how to use industry standard music production software Logic Pro which will empower you to produce music in your own home.

  • Learn how to mic up instruments and vocals
  • How to get the best quality recordings
  • How to program drums and synthesisers
  • How to use an analogue mixing desk
  • How to edit and perform effects in post production such as reverbs, delays, changing pitch and time stretching.
  • How to mix the different elements of a track together to give a professional sounding commercial track

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Styles covered:

  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Jazz


Here is a list of music theory subjects I can cover:

  • Pitch and Rhythm
  • The Major Scale
  • Flat keys/Sharp keys
  • Intervals and Triads
  • Harmonizing the Major scale (Triads)
  • Major Key Harmonic Progressions
  • Triad Inversions
  • Major Scale Harmonized In Seventh Chords
  • Major Scale Modes
  • Extended Chords
  • Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Harmonic Minor Scale & Minor Key Harmony
  • Chromatic Harmony & Secondary Dominants In Major Keys
  • Tritone Substitution
  • Modal Interchange Part I
  • The Melodic Minor
  • Melodic Minor Scale Harmony &  Modal Interchange Part II
  • Secondary Dominants In Minor Keys
  • Diminished Chords & Symmetrical Scales
  • Time manipulation
  • Poly-Rhythms
  • Metric Modulations
  • Rhythmic Displacement

To book a lesson, call Jack – 07872 587893